Contracts of Employment

Sapern HR have developed a range of template contracts. We can assist you in tailoring these contracts to fit what you require, and you have piece of mind that all contractual essentials are included. If you need assistance with a contract of employment, we are here to help.

Staff Handbook and Policies and Procedures

Communicating with your workforce is vital to ensure a happy workplace. We can help you have the right policies in place to ensure seamless communication with your employees. Clearly stating the expectations of your employees enables precarious legal situations to be avoided from the start. We have developed a staff handbook along with a suite of policies and procedures that practices can access and use. If you would like to undertake a project of reviewing, and changing your staff handbook and polices and procedures, we can help. We are happy to work with you on identifying where updates need to be made and highlighting what the best practice approach is. We can also assist you in consulting with your staff on the changes you would like to introduce, to ensure a smooth transition.



Our HR professionals offer day-to-day employee support in the areas of family leave, annual leave and flexible working requests.

Family leave

This includes maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave and pay.

It is important to show support to your employees who are needing to take time off to care for their family. Our personal approach to HR enables us to think up new, flexible approaches to individual cases of family leave which will aid the operation of your business and the overall care of your employees. We help you draw the boundaries and set out equal and fair opportunities for your employees so that the operation of your business is not at the expense of employee care.

Flexible working requests

Flexible working requests

If an employee puts forward a flexible working request, we can support the whole process. From the request being made to deciding if it can be approved, we make sure it complies with all Government guidelines.

Annual Leave

All employees within your business are entitled to a certain amount of annual leave per year so that they can return to work refreshed and ready to work. We offer guidance to ensure that employees receive at least the statutory minimum annual leave. We also provide help with calculations for part-time employees and employees that start/leave part way through the holiday year.